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Texas Rhinestone is a wholesale supplier of Rhinestone Transfers you can trust. From any rhinestone apparel you need, be it pre-made designs, motifs or custom designs. We bring premium quality rhinestone right to you, quick 2-3 days shipping ! From koozies to rhinestone transfer designs to a personalized lanyard and to your very own travel mug, we have it for you! Whether you are in USA specially in New York, Texas, Michigan, Georgia, Florida, or even in Colorado, We offer premium quality hotfix rhinestones, crystal rhinestones, heat transfer rhinestones, and Made in Korea Vinyls in over 39 colors among the rhinestone transfer wholesale and retail.

Our products reach many areas all over the US like New York, Texas, Michigan, Georgia, Florida, or even in Colorado. Our products have satisfied so many clients and are still open to impress a lot more! We have koozies, rhinestone transfer designs, a personalized or travel mug and so many more. You can browse over 3000 Stunning collections of Religious Rhinestone Transfers, Afro Rhinestone Transfers, Sports, Breast Cancer Awareness, Cross, Wings, School Team Mascots, Hair Stylist, Makeup, Nurse and many more categories are available. We are in the business of making rhinestone transfer designs and promotional products available to you at a discounted rate that you cannot resist. Dial 713-539-4494 to get in touch with us now! We have a lot of good deals for you to check out. 

All designs are created and manufactured in our USA warehouse. We only use high-quality Rhinestones and Korean vinyl to create beautiful transfers to give you high quality products that you deserved. Wholesale discount is available on large orders. Custom Designs are specially created on the customer's request. From New York, Texas, Michigan, Georgia, Florida, or even in Colorado, there are a lot of choices for you to choose from with a wide range of discounted offers of our lanyard, personalized travel mug, and even our koozies and most especially our rhinestone transfer designs, have given our clients something to flaunt and treasure for years to come.

From rhinestone transfer designs and other products like Tote Bag, Travel Mug, Lanyard, Koozies, etc. Fill out the form below and provide us with your contact information, and we will be in touch shortly. No hard selling here, only 100% service, guaranteed.


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